Acellus – Blended Learning

Acellus:  The Science of Learning


Acellus is a very powerful deployment of the blended learning principles.  Pioneered by Dr Rog, Acellus has online courses: grades K-12, and some College.  In the courses are included video instructions, teaching individual concepts, the students are then given problems to solve, to prove that they have completely learned each concept.  They are then given reviews and exams, to show how well they have retained the knowledge, and if they are ready to move on.

Video: Mission Acellus

Where the blended learning comes in, is that as the students are progressing through the online course, the Teachers can use the Live Monitor feature, to see the students progress, answers entered, and what concepts they are struggling with; They are then able to assist individual students as they are needed, and on a one on one basis.

Learn more 512x512bbabout the Acellus Learning System and some of the ways it is being utilized by schools as a blended learning solution to help students succeed.


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