Rocketship – Blended Learning

How Rocketship Uses Blended Learning

Dynamic Classrooms Meet the Needs of Every Student

Rocketship classrooms allow us to maximize time for personalized learning, striving to reach the right student with the right lesson at the right time. Blended learning is about creating a flexible space where teachers leverage tools—tutors, online learning programs and their peers—to engage kids in a truly personalized learning experience. Innovation is in our DNA; we’re continually narrowing in on what’s best for students and our instruction, which features five core components.

Whole Group Instruction

Teachers engage students in grade level
instruction with their peers.

Small Group Instruction

Teachers and tutors engage students in small groups of peers on their similar level.

Targeted Intervention

Teachers & tutors schedule small group intervention for students who are struggling with certain concepts. (Response to Intervention)

Team Learning

Teachers provide a framework for students to collaborate, share knowledge and build social skills through projects in small groups with their peers.

Online Learning

Students have time to practice concepts on computers. Adaptive online learning programs provide additional practice where a student is struggling and accelerate students beyond grade level when appropriate.

+ Enrichment

Students also rotate through enrichment programs where they learn about health in physical education and further explore their creativity in the arts, language and dance.

Rotational Model

In the Rotational Model, students spend most of their day in the traditional classroom setting. About half of the day is spent in a humanities block and a quarter of the day is spent in a math block, with separate teachers who specialize in their respective subjects. Students receive large group instruction, experience small group and team learning and receive targeted intervention from their classroom teacher.

Students then rotate into Rocketship’s Learning Lab for adaptive online learning, additional small group instruction, team learning and targeted intervention—all led by Rocketship tutors. During Learning Lab time, students also rotate through enrichment where they participate in physical education and the arts.

A Rocketeer’s Day

Rocketship schedules differ from school to school and grade-level to grade level, though each student’s day features similar components. Instruction in the humanities and math & STEM is led by Rocketship teachers who specialize in one subject. The learning lab is led by individual learning specialists with the support of assistant principals. To meet the unique needs of each community, specific enrichment activities are selected by school leaders, though every Rocketeer has daily access to physical education.
Subject specialization allows our teachers to be masters of their content domains. Humanities teachers lead double blocks with two cohorts of students while STEM teachers lead a single block for all four cohorts within a grade level.

Each grade-level team shares a common planning time while their students experience enrichment classes.

*Breaks are often built into classes and during student transition times. **Dismissal time varies by grade level. ***After-school programs are offered at all Rocketship schools in partnership with service providers like the YMCA and City Year.

Where We’ve Been and What’s Next

Learn more about the continued evolution of our instructional model:


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