Acellus – Blended Learning

When looking for Blended Learning, Acellus Learning offers some very interesting ideas.  The students taking a complete course online, but the teacher closely monitors and assists the students, as they sense a need of individual attention.  Acellus has put a lot of work into doing what Dr Rog, (The founder of Acellus), calls “Empowering Teachers”.  The idea with this being, that technology is not to replace teachers, but to help empower the teachers in a blended learning environment.  So below are some details pulled together about Acellus, as one option of Blended Learning.

Acellus Learning

Teacher Empowerment Features:

The Acellus Teacher Interface gives teachers the ability to track progress, identify problems, and provide real-time assistance.  With Acellus, the teachers can see out of all their students, who is making progress, who has been inactive, who has been getting problems wrong, etc… They can then click on a certain student, and see the exact answers that the student has entered, or where they are at in the course, providing valuable information to assist in the process of working with the individual. More on Acellus Teacher Interface

Along with the empowering of teachers, to make a great Blended Learning program you really need to utilize Technology in making a difference in educating the students.  Dr Rog has introduced many technological advances in Acellus, such as complete courses filmed in 3D, Intelligent Interaction Learning, Swiss Cheese Problems, and other special learning tools, that are only possible with today’s Technology.

I would love to go into deeper talk about some of these features, but as Acellus is only the first deployment option we are looking at, here is a link to to look at some of this in greater depth.

Overview – Acellus has some really promising ideas that could be really helpful in your blended learning project.  With courses in Grades K-12, along with these interesting technological ideas, Acellus looks to be a powerful option for success.




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